File manager started life as a very simple script which created to answer a question someone asked at a forum I used to frequent.

The user wanted to know how to use PHP to get a list of all the files on the server and print them out, I had been using PHP for about 7-8 months so I gave it a go. I decided to continue this little script and added the ability to display file information, a proper top down directory structure (instead of recursively printing out every file on the server), icons and simple actions; and so File Manager was born.

The first public version of the script was released in August 2001 under the name Aquonics File Manager. It enjoyed moderate success and at one point was the 2nd highest rated PHP script at HotScripts. Over the following months Aquonics file manager saw several point releases, adding new features such as the space usage piechart, archive creation and database management.

Work on version 2 then began, this was to add several new features such as skinning and language packs, along with adding a powerful user permissions system. November 2002 saw the release of Aquonics File Manager version 2 beta 1, by that time Invision Power Services had been up and running for several months, and with the success of Invision Power Board they were looking for new scripts to add to the mix.

Invision Power Services acquired the rights to Aquonics File Manager in December 2002, the product was renamed to Invision Power File Manager and the version number was rolled back to version 1.

March 2003 saw the final release of Invision Power File Manager version 1. Over the months that followed Invision Power File Manager's popularity grew and so plans for version 2 (version 3) were drawn up. At that time it was only going to be a point release version 1.1, but as it became a complete re-write with many new features and improvements it was decided that it would become version 2. Version 2 added many new features such as archive extraction, group permissions, file type restrictions and multi-file operations such as mass rename or delete.

Unfortunately in July 2005 Invision Power Services decided to discontinue the product.

You can download version 1.0.1 file manager or version 2 PDR (beta) 3 (plus icons) but please understand that they are currently unsupported and that they are no longer related to Invision Power Services in any way. By downloading the files you agree to abide by the license conditions included in the download file.

Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer